Perth Summer Junior Orchestra Camp Auditions

Hi Wind and Brass world,


For primary and yr 7 students


The Perth Summer Junior Orchestra Camp auditions are coming up.

The orchestra camp an orchestra day workshop in january 2015.

Lots of fun and a great opportunity for everyone to get back into it before first lessons.


We’ve decided to open the opportunities at PSOC  junior to winds , brass and percussion.

We can also help everyones 4th term crazy/business by getting auditions done early.

Our Conductor is the Very experienced Daemon Clark who has a particular gift for working with musicians in their early development.


Here is the flyer and application form

Applications close Sept 15

The Day Camp for winds is wednesday  Jan 21 and thursday 22nd 2015 .


The strings have 1 day first by themselves to get settled and sorted then we welcome other sections for orchestra work, tutes , workshops and a concert.

Joshua Webster will be tutoring and running a dynamic ensemble workshop for the whole orchestra as he does every year.

The auditions will be as friendly and inclusive as we can make them.


More news on senior camp will follow.